The Orbital Spreader

The Orbital is a heavy-duty, versatile spreader specifically designed to spread a wide range of farm and industrial wastes. With a 20m spread width and large capacity the Orbital is capable of very high work rates, while producing an extremely uniform and accurate spread pattern.

The new 12T Orbital model includes an upgraded rear pushing door and second hydraulic ram, which give increased pushing power as spreading commences.

The slurry door is now simpler and faster to operate, the new design pivots upwards allowing the rear pushing door to push material from the back onto the rotating flywheel at the front. The flywheel has new bolt-on hardened wear plates and hammer tips that can be easily reversed for a longer working life.

A particular comment from users of other types of spreaders, which the R&D engineers looked at, was the problem caused by twines and plastic. The flywheel and counter-rotating agitator have been designed not to collect twines or plastic when shredding and propelling material out of the spreader. They also feature upgraded bearings and seals to reduce maintenance requirements.

The new model now has 40 incremental settings on the hydraulic spreading control, giving even finer control of application rates. With a new heavy-duty axel, increased breaking efficiency and tyre specification the Orbital can now travel at 40 KM/h on the road, further speeding up the spreading operation. Click here to visit the technical site

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