The new KEENAN System takes an inclusive approach to the farm. It addresses both the farmer’s need for prosperity and for the food produced to be respected, and the consumer’s need for confidence and trust in farm practices. The KEENAN System achieves this by focusing on the following areas:

Animal Health - the System establishes the health and welfare of the animal as the foundation for good performance, using high standards of nutrition and feeding.

Know-how optimal nutrition and management practices are achieved on-farm by utilising a worldwide network of experience and learning, easily accessed and implemented by using the System.

Farm-grown feeds - the System allows the farmer increased control of nutrition quality and reduced feed costs, by enabling the maximum use of quality farm-grown feeds and forages.

Traceability consumers are reassured of high food production standards, by the System’s transparent feeding and farming practices.

The KEENAN System partners the Klassik mixer wagon’s innovative mixing design with dedicated Macro-Nutrition support from Keenan System Specialists. It maximises the use of farm-grown feeds and delivers feed structure for optimal animal health, performance and long-term profits.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience available through the Keenan System, first-rate feeding, excellent animal welfare and outstanding performance standards are achieved. Better farming results in better food.

Today, thousands of farmers worldwide use the Keenan System.

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