Keenan Electronic Product Information Catalogue

Welcome to Keenan's EPIC. Version 2. To help you navigate this retrieval system, please read the following notes carefully;


This is a web-based program that requires either Netscape or Internet Exporer. To navigate around this program simply click on the relevant hyperlinks and browse as per normal. It is adviseable to use the "back" buttons when navigating as this will close the relevant window each time.

EPIC is a useful source of information which should be used by Sales, Service and Parts personnel in ensuring a high level of service is provided at all times.

Through its policy of continual improvement, Richard Keenan have developed products that today remain unchallenged as world leading TMR feeder wagons. In keeping with this policy, some components have been improved and superceded. It is very important to obtain as much information as possible about the part/component required as this will help when retrieving the correct part number.

It is not practical to include every part made to date. This version of EPIC includes most common and associated wearing parts. Some area's of the machine however will require additional Technical Assistance from Keenan Customer Services in order to ensure correct identification of parts.

Keenan Part Numbering Systems

Keenan Part numbering system uses a combination of alpha-numeric EG. EF109/29 or numeric between 700000 and 799999.

Machine Serial Number Identification

Every machine made by Richard Keenan bares an identification code that is located on the bottom of the Instruction plate in front of the unloading auger.

It is important to record the Serial Number of any machine needing parts as this can provide valuable information when making enquiries. Richard Keenan has substantial Service History records for most machines. This is used to ensure high levels of Service Support.

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