Rumans Delivery.

- Visit bythe nutritionist 8 days after delivery, leaving some time for the customer to use the machine and have more questions.

The time of the visit needs to be well co-ordinated and carefully timed to see how the farmer is working and the immediate improvements we can bring to him. It is important that the new customer see good results asap : increase milk or protein, reduce feed costs etc.

- Complete the RFT form and show customer how to fill in the RPM, produce the first form and provide customer's with their first ration. All the main points are recorded in particular file and give him a copy (see First farm visit report).

- If you have no news from the customer after 3 months, you should make contact. Provide the customer with the full file and addresses of suppliers for molasses, Keenan minerals for dairy and dry cows, caustic soda……


Click here for first Farm visit Report
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