Sale of Rumans

Salesmen only speak about a System. 100% of the results are coming from new feeding practices which are permitted by a tool, a machine, which will provide the fundamental quality of the mix required.

Principal incidences on results would be:

- Increase milk yield? Reduction of the number of cows

- Increase FCE? reduction of ration cost.

- Increase home grown feeds ? reduction of ration costs.

- Increase milk quality ? +1 pt Protein for 0.53 ct €/l.

- Reduction of heifer production costs? less 11.6 €/heifer (–6 months old)/year.

- Better quality of heifers.

- Liberation of hectares.

Example. less 5 cows = 2 ha of maize less
1000 €/ha maize replaced by wheat is a margin of 500 €

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